Juni 2006

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ : Quarter Final

Germany defeated Sweden with 2:0 in a marvellous game — the best first half time I’ve seen from Germany in the last two years.

Argentina vs. Mexico was a pretty hot game as well — Mexico played their best 90 minutes in this tournament, but in the end couldn’t stand the Argentina team. The 2:1 is justified and I’m in pleasent anticipation of Germany vs. Argentina in the quarter final.

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Diving into the Linux kernel world

I never did any serious Linux kernel work until now. I was busy enough with all my open source userland activities and there were already enough skilled people working on kernel things for the devices I own. After seeing how the OpenEZX project is progressing, I decided to buy a Motorola A780 and a Motorola E680 and to contribute to help getting this exciting project forward.

While Harald Welte, the project leader and main developer, is currently concentrating on getting the AP (Application Processor, responsible for everything non-GSM) and BP (Baseband Processor, responsible for the GSM stuff) interaction done, I thought I could help a bit with OpenEmbedded integration and „non-critical“ stuff like drivers.

As expected, OpenEmbedded integration was a breeze — we can now build Opie, GPE, and Enlightenment images for the phones and can boot them via SD or NFS-over-USB. Doing kernel work was much more tough for me — although I have been doing low level programming in the old COMMODORE C64 and AMIGA days, doing sensible things with the Linux kernel has a steep learning curve. Anyway, once you get the hang of it, it’s actually fun and a nice change from doing userland stuff.

My first results are available through the OpenEmbedded repository. I did kernel drivers for

  • E680 LEDs,
  • A780 LEDs, and the
  • E680 / A780 LCD backlight.

Next things for me will be to find out why touchscreen and MMC are not quite behaving on the E680. After that I’m planning to take a shoot at camera drivers.

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2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ : Round Of Sixteen

Although I should really be working on my Ph.D. thesis, I keep finding myself in front of the TV — watching a lot of soccer games these days. With us having won against Poland, our way to the round of sixteen is free — although it’s not sure which team our next opponent will be.

The mood here in Frankfurt am Main is just great — lots of cool people having fun together watching the games. It’s much more calm than I would have expected.

My personal favorite was Argentina vs. Côte d’Ivoire — although Argentina did win 2:1, 1:2 or at the least 2:2 would have reflected more of my impression of these two teams.

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A New Blog

Finally, in coincidence with my new site VanilleMedia, I started a new blog. It’s not that I was unsatisfied with my last handcoded one, but these days it looks like there is a tendency to use all those nice planet sites — i.e. planet.linuxtogo.org or planet.maemo.org — syndicating blogs from different places, which needs a standardized XML format. I really didn’t want to reinvent the wheel here, so after evaluating a lot of content management systems and blog packages, I settled on using wordpress for the complete site.
This also marks the start of me blogging in english — I guess blogging in german wouldn’t be all that useful for most of those planet sites.

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