Juli 2006

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ : 3rd Place

The World Cup is over. We lost the semi final against Italia but defeated Portugal. The 3rd place is a major achievement considering the state of the german team when Jürgen Klinsmann took over. He did not just formed a team that is among the four best teams worldwide — much more important he showed the way to go for our future. And I’m sure this team definitly has a great future.

Apart from this „final of hearts“, Italia won the cup over France in the „real“ final in penalty shooting. Congratulations, however the french team dominated the game for a good part, so I’m a bit sad about that result.

I didn’t experience any other World Cup so intense — thanks to Kaiser Franz for his part in bringing it to Germany. Thanks to all teams, the fans and the supporters that made most of the past four weeks a giant party. Now back to everyday life… until the European Championship in 2008!

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2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ : Semi Final

I have a hard time believing it, but it looks like we made it past Argentina — 5:3 (penalty shooting). It was a really tough and hard-fought game and for more than 30 minutes I really thought we were out… until Klose made his most important goal in this tournament.

There is nothing to be said about the penalty shooting, it’s a german tradition and we remain unbeaten… seriously though, Lehmann was great! My personal match winner though was David Odonkor — his exchange turned the game. He brought the spirit and the will to catch up. Yes!

For us, it’s going to be Italia in the semi final — the Ukraine played a good 2nd half, but shortly before they could catch up to 1:1, the Italians made their 2nd goal and this more or less broke their will. Bummer.

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