Mai 2007

Connectivity Problems Sorted Out

After Alice and T-Com seemingly wanted to play ping-pong with me — repeatedly sending me to each other — I took the matter into my own hands and solved the problem. All DSL and Telephony problems are sorted out now. Don’t ask how 😀

The cable-TV issue has also vanished. I’m now using a satellite dish and the best free (as in free speech) sat receiver money can buy — a Dreambox 7025 — thanks to the nice folks @ Dream Multimedia TV, especially one of their core developers Felix ‚tmbinc‘ Domke. Did I already tell you it runs a Linux Distribution built by OpenEmbedded? I’ll report about my first sat experiences soon — stay tuned.

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Moving finished (sort of)

I’m writing this post from within the new office room in our new appartement. Obviously the move is now over, although the new appartment is a mess and a lot of stuff is still missing and/or waiting for construction, i.e. the kitchen is scheduled to arrive mid-june 🙁

The last couple of days were a bit of a horror story. Telephony and DSL were scheduled to arrive @ 18th, which they did — however not on the proper socket… the plug in the souterrain / office is scheduled to be attached to all the network hardware. It took me about 6 hours to find that out… now all the equipment is (temporarily! my wife is very unhapy with all this) sitting in the hall and I had to establish a wireless bridge to get my computers in the office to the network (luckily I had an unused Linksys WRT54GS sitting in one of my boxes).

Next thing that happened was that my Linux workstation refused to boot. It auto-powered off one second after pushing power. I had to deassemble and reassemble it completely — removing about 2 kilograms of dust from the fans and then it ran again.

However, the integrated network adapter no longer appeared on the PCI bus *sigh*. Again — luckily — I had an unused USB-Ethernet adapter laying around and so after 3 days messing around I can start being productive again.

And of course all of this while the OpenMoko project is in an important phase… once all these temporary problems are sorted out, I promise I won’t move for at least another decade… 😉

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OpenMoko conquers Opie

Recently, goxboxlive from the Xanadux project sent me screenshots that show OpenMoko running on the HTC Universal. The fun part is that it doesn’t run native, but on Opie with the Xqt2 X-Server on top.
So… OpenMoko boldly goes where no free software platform has ever gone before 😉

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Moving update

Since last friday we’re sleeping in the new apartment. The only missing bits to move are some dishes and the office — which will be moved on 20th and 21th. After that, the periods without connectivity will be over.

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Apartment Moving

The serious phase of apartment moving has started last week and I’m right within. Please bear with (even more) latency in answering E-Mails for the next three weeks. I will probably also be completely offline for some days mid-May while the landline and DSL get „moved“. In case of emergency, call my mobile.

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