Juni 2007

Back from first Taipei visit

Much like the first week, the 2nd week in Taipei really rushed by and I’m finding myself being back in Frankfurt for until the 15th of July, when I’m leaving to Birmingham to attend GUADEC. I will have a talk about OpenMoko there and I’m looking forward to meet a lot of GNOME guys and gals.

My last day in Taipei was spiced by a whole day meeting with Carsten ‚The Rasterman‘ Haitzler, whom we invited to visit us — talking about graphics for next-generation user interfaces, the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, and more. Raster is a really nice and competent guy and I enjoyed that meeting a lot — thanks for your patience with all my questions 🙂

Unfortunately, I also have some bad news. While I was in Taipei, Frankfurt struggled under massive amounts of rain and water poured into my new office room in our apartment 🙁 Fortunately, nothing important has been damaged, however the whole carpet is drenched and there is now a (really loud) dryer operating in the room for a couple of weeks. *sigh*

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First week in Taipei

The first week in Taipei has passend and it’s really good to be here. FIC is a great place to work in a comfortable and focused way. All people are very kind and helpful. The climate is pretty warm and the humidity is a bit higher than what I’m used to, but then again, I’m spending the lions share of every day in the FIC building anyway 😀

I didn’t have much of a chance to see some sites in Taipei yet — and I’m afraid that won’t change next week, so I have to come back soon.

Of course all you Neo-lusty folks are probably not interested in how I feel here, but more in what I am doing here… alas, I can’t tell much at this point of time. What we are focusing on right now is not even directly hardware or software related, but more structure related. It’s a bunch of good things happening though. I expect OpenMoko to post an announcement pretty soon that will explain what happened in the past weeks, what we are heading towards, and what we can expect from the next months.

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Back in Frankfurt/Main for a few days

Yesterday night I arrived back in Frankfurt/Main. I’m going to stay until Friday and then head over to Taipei for a while to work on OpenMoko.

As usual, the LinuxTag was very exhausting, but fun and productive at the same time. My talk was very well received and a lot of people are looking forward to (finally) get this phone into their hands. If you want to get an idea about what I presented, feel free to read the slides and hear the speech (sorry, german language this time).

Once again, I took the opportunity to get some Berlin spirit and Holger ‚Zecke‘ Freyther lead me into a bar. This time the walk was much shorter (very appreciated after two days on an exhibition) and the bar was also pretty cool — thanks! 🙂

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OpenMoko on LinuxTag 2007

Writing this on my way to the LinuxTag 2007 that takes place in Berlin this year. In roughly 9 hours, I’m going to give a talk about OpenMoko — the backgrounds, vision, and status. Due to all the stress with moving, I couldn’t prepare like usual, however I’m sure it’ll be good enough to spread the word 🙂

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