August 2007


I have seldomly seen a conference that was better organized than this years FrOSCon 2007 in St.Augustin. It was amazing — a good technical program, interesting booths, nice catering, and a solid venue.

One of the notable chats I had was with some guys from Tarent GmbH — they’re doing Java consultancy and already made some good progress in bringing Java to the Neo1973.

By the way, since adding a screenshot utility to OpenMoko, people are uploading their screenshots to Be sure to check it out regularly, it’s amazing what people are running on their Neos — and this is just the beginning 🙂

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Conferences Ahead

Now that we successfully released the OpenMoko 2007.2 August Snapshot which was quite a huge undertaking since we changed a lot of things at once, we can continue improving the platform gradually and adding more functionality to it. The first batch of devices has been out in the wild for some time, so I’m going to talk about OpenMoko at some conferences and hope to gather some feedback from early adopters. We have a lot more stuff in the pipeline 😀
Next weekend, I’m going to be present at the FrOSCon 07 in St.Augustin, Germany and right after that in Aalborg, Denmark for the Mobile Developer Days 07. For the latter, yours truly will travel ~10 hours by train *cough*. Thankfully I have good company — Stefan Schmidt from OpenMoko and OpenEZX will join me and I’m sure we will see some productive hacking on OpenMoko and OpenEZX.

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Python 2.5 in OpenEmbedded

Due to my overall workload, I have not had a chance to look much after the Python packages in OpenEmbedded. For the OpenMoko distribution, we want to stay neutral against scripting languages, that is, there won’t be an official recommendation.

However, my personal take on that should be well known. At the time I’m writing this, I’m working on a major Python upgrade in OpenEmbedded, bringing all Python packages up to date and adding some optimization patches I have been working on.

Unfortunately, this also means I have to deprecate some of the packages which are end-of-life and won’t work with Python 2.5 — notably this involves the Python Qt Bindings for Qt/Embedded 2.x which I have been maintaining for quite some time. I no longer work on Opie though and I am not even sure if there were other people than me using these bindings.

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Chaos Communication Camp

I decided to visit this years Chaos Communication Camp near Berlin for a day or two. The mission is to have a coding sprint there that brings the first OM-2007.2 snapshot image up to par. I expect to meet some OpenMoko and OpenEmbedded guys there, i.e. Zecke, Stefan Schmidt, Alphaone, Shoragan, LaF0rge, Roh, …

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