Februar 2008

Back from Fosdem 2008

OE Booth

Just returned from Brussels where FOSDEM 2008 took place. For the second time, the OpenEmbedded team had a booth where we presented embedded devices and talked about build systems and software for mobile and embedded devices. On show were some Zaurus models, an iRex Iliad, two Chumbies, and a Neuros OSD.

We also demoed some FIC Neo1973 models with OpenMoko which received lots of attention — the most frequently asked question was (of course) when the new hardware would be ready. I can’t really comment on that, however John and Will from OpenMoko Inc. just brought me a brand new FreeRunner prototype and apart from some minor issues, it is really looking very well. By the way, I will demo this prototype next month on the OpenExpo 2008 in Bern, so if you have a chance, just drop by and take a look.

OE Booth

Between talking to people, I managed to unbrick three devices. Unfortunately I forgot to reseat the TORX screws on one device, so if you want your screws back, come over next year. Luckily, the Neo1973 case fits very well even without the screws, so you will probably not miss them 😉

During a very remarkable meeting with a resident of the #neo1973-germany channel we improved the freesmartphone.org telephony API and also recorded a video of the moko underground software pyneo. Note: If you don’t have sound on the videos, you need to install h264/mp4a codecs. A recent gstreamer-faad with libfaad2 should be sufficient.

On Saturday evening, team OpenEmbedded had the constitutional session for the forthcoming OpenEmbedded e.V. There’s still some bureaucracy pending which I hope will be done around late April / early May. I’ll keep you posted.

By the way, this was the warmest FOSDEM ever! I’m very amazed that I managed to survive it without a cold — which is quite an achievement considering our booth was right opposite the main entrance resulting in a constant unpleasent flow of air. As for the general FOSDEM appearance I have to agree with Harald Welte’s assessment though, especially his comments about the beer event venue and the public transportation.
I want to thank all of the people who helped organizing our appearance — you really did a great job, guys!

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