März 2008

Last day in Brazil

Sitting in the business center of the Beach Class Suites hotel trying to fix some strange bugs in ecore-native. In a couple of hours I’m leaving to the airport, travelling back to Frankfurt, Germany. This week in Brazil has been an amazing experience, especially the friendly guys at the INdT. There’s a spirit of freedom and creativity hanging over the whole installation and it’s not surprising at all that the results just rock. One of the key elements of successful software products is the communication between designers and developers — and they got this one completely right.

The Mamona team worked on an own branch of OpenEmbedded for quite a while now and we had a lot of diffs to go through. We started with merging EFL and Python since these are also important for Openmoko. We now have granted Vivi commit access and Aloisio will be on board soon as well maintaining some of the recipes upstream at org.openembedded.dev. By that we reduce further divergence and improve collaboration.

Although we did work most of the time, we also had the chance to hang around a bit together in the after hours, watching soccer, playing table-tennis, table-soccer, pool, etc. We even spent a couple of hours playing guitar and singing along — that was real fun. Thanks a lot guys, I really felt welcome! And yes, I’m trying to come back later this year, preferably when it gets cold and windy in Germany 😉

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From Switzerland to Brazil

Three UIs on Neo1973

As I have mentioned previously, I’m really trying to cut down the number of conferences I go to this year. However, both the OpenExpo in Bern (from which I returned last friday) and the Bossa Conference in Brazil (which I’m there since saturday) are too important to skip.

OpenExpo went very well, I had some good talks with people regarding further platform development. I had a talk where I outlined three major factors of OpenMoko (Freedom, Experiments, Innovation) and the forthcoming middleware initiative. If you manage to understand german, have a look at the video.

OpenMoko Booth

The second of three days Bossa have passed now and I’m really enjoying Brazil. My talk about OpenEmbedded was on the first day and since then I’m more relaxed. I have never been a fan of the climate in Germany, so what I’m being exposed to here (an average of 29 degrees) is just about right 🙂 Apart from the most amazing venue I’ve ever been to, it’s the people and the topics which are completely right on spot. After the conference I will work for a few days with the INdt guys on merging our OpenEmbedded trees and collaborate on Python and the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

On a more personal note, OpenExpo and Bossa were partly responsible for bringing fresh new motivation into me and my middleware work for OpenMoko. All the developers I have met agree with me that — for the time being — there’s hardly anything more necessary than a solid framework for people to get started with their own approaches on how to improve how we interact with mobile devices. Services like telephony, PIM storage database, network, location, and context, need to be there — no matter which UI toolkit or applications we are going to focus on.

Summerville Beach Resort

I’ll be heading back to Germany on saturday, looking forward to a spring full of refreshening infrastructure development (and some shiny bread-and-butter applications, of course — middleware development needs to be application driven).

Let me finish with some more great news…

  1. The price range for the Neo FreeRunner has been published, it’s going to be less than 400 USD — which is quite a substantial improvement over the estimated 650 that was published last year. Given the features (Wifi, GPS, GSM, BT, Accellerometers, VGA) and the openness (priceless!) I think it’s pretty decent price.
  2. OpenMoko Inc. has been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2008. I’m looking forward to mentor some exciting projects. Please start submitting student applications now!


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