Januar 2009

Sid Player Update

Our Sid Player application has been on sale in the AppStore for three weeks now. We received quite a nice amount of feedback considering that this is a niche application — thanks to all of you who downloaded and reviewed or mailed us!
Behind the curtains, we have been analysing the feedback and have just started to work on the first update which we expect to be available within the next 4 weeks.

This next release is mostly a database update, since we will add the missing songs from the HVSC directories ‚GAMES‘ and ‚DEMOS‘. This adds about 2000 more classy titles that were left out due to not being present in the appropriate ‚MUSICIANS‘ subdirectories.

Apart from that we will add an NTSC-override in the settings tab and — if all goes well — add some download-all-the-good-stuff buttons 😉

Stay tuned for more exciting things coming to the Sid Player this year!

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