Juni 2009

POS will die

From everywhere you hear the whining and complaints of local points of sale that the internet is taking away their business foundation. Whenever I buy a new device, I try to countervail this effect by going to my local shop to buy it there instead of doing the couch potato buying it over the internet. However 9 out of 10 times I get disappointed by them not having what I want in stock. If I wanted to order it to get it later, I had ordered it online in the first place 🙁

This morning I went to a local shop to buy a new communications device with a contract — these point of sales get quite a nice provision when people buy contracts. To my surprise, they had the device I wanted in stock and I felt growing excitement. Then I grabbed a piece of paper showing them a special employee rebate code I got from another employee and guess what… „oh, with these kinds of rebates devices can only be ordered at the support hotline“… WTF?

With this policy, points of sale will die — it’s inevitable. They are digging their own grave and I have no more symphathy.

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LinuxTag 2009

I’m on my way to LinuxTag 2009. Instead of a „real booth“ like last year, we settled on a developer table in the hacking area — there we can present our Linux on mobile projects such as

in a more relaxed way — giving room to dive into some technical issues, when interested folks come around.

Find me there, if you’re interested in any of the aforementioned projects. I’ll be there until Friday afternoon.

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Sid Player 1.2.49

We have just submitted Sid Player 1.2.49 to Apple. Highlights of changes in this revision include:

  • Author Tab: In offline mode, only show authors for which songs are available,
  • Underrun Detection: Relax threshold a bit, add setting to turn it off completely (for you jailbreakers…),
  • Settings Tab: Enable switching between multiple SID models,
  • Files Database: Files are no longer stored on your filesystem, but in a database. This fixes the incredibly annoying iTunes synchronization times. NOTE that we had to wipe all your data during the upgrade to make this happen.

and finally the first step towards the #1 wanted feature…

  • Added four playlists: „Favorites“, „My Top 50 Played“, „Random 100“, „HVSC Top 100“.
  • Enable reordering all playlists and adding/removing songs from/to the „Favorites“ list directly from the Player screen.

Although we wanted to ship more smaller updates, this one has become a major update and took us a while. I hope it gets past the review pretty fast, so you can enjoy our latest work!

NB: The newest iPhone 3G[S] excited us a lot, especially since we already max out CPU power on the current models. We’re looking forward to enabling stereo and to add some nice post processing effects in a special Sid Player version once this model is out. Stay tuned!

NB2: Yes, we know that the HVSC team has released v50, however they have substituted a lot of PSID versions with RSID versions, which — although they might sound better — do no longer play given the limited CPU power of the iPhone and iPod Touch. I’m sorry, but until faster models appear, we can not ship the updated SIDs…

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