August 2009

Too much broken hardware

Let me announce the 3rd piece of broken hardware in 3 months. This is definitely too much 🙁 First my Dreambox 7025, then a Denon AV receiver, and now my Linux workstation decided to die. It looks like (hopefully) just the PSU is to blame though — doesn’t react to incoming power any more.

As if I had time for such things *sigh* …

Update: It looks like there was a power surge during a thunderstorm. My Dreambox and AppleTV halted as well… aaargh

Update 2: A new PSU brings the workstation back to live *phew*. Dreambox and AppleTV did not have permanent damages either.

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Field Recording Again

As mentioned in a previous installment of this column, I’m spending more time with music (and related tasks) again. To get some raw material for new samples, I started recording in the field. The best device I can recommend in the mid-budget region is the Tascam DR100 recorder — this device comes with an aura of „work, not play“; unlike the famous Zoom devices which I found to be very plastic and unreliable. The killer features of the Tascam DR100 for me are:

  1. Built-in rechargable Li battery
  2. 2 XLR inputs w/ 48V phantom power
  3. 4 built-in microphones, two uni-, two omnidirectional.
  4. Simple UI, lots of dedicated buttons.
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One week in Paris

Sabine and me spent a week in Paris to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. It’s pretty amazing that the ICE train takes only 4h from Frankfurt/Main to Paris, Gare de l’est — this is almost the same amount of time it takes me to get to Berlin

Besides walking all around the city and visiting some sites, I took the chance to visit the Bearstech office and chat a bit with the guys there. Unfortunately only few bears were there at that time, but with only 4h to Paris, I’ll be surely coming back more often. On the last day, we had a (yummy) dinner with some guys and their gals from SHR and openBmap fame. It was a great evening and a very nice conclusion to our small vacation, thanks guys!

Dinner in Paris with SHR and openBmap

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