September 2009

GSM Palm Pre on the horizon

As mentioned, the team and community has taken the challenge to put the FSO stack on the Palm Pre which is out next month. The goal is to manage a voice call with the FSO stack within four weeks.

The idea behind this is a very important one. With only the Openmoko FreeRunner as a platform, the FSO stack is doomed into oblivion sooner or later, since its a very limited hardware platform — in quantity, but considering the closed alternatives also in quality. Hence, we need to proof that FSO can run on current, competitive hardware — to embrace companies that want to adopt FSO in their niche.

The Palm Pre is currently our major hope — all other hardware being either too closed (yes, this includes the Nokia N900) or already outdated.

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Please Vote!

I’m refraining from any concrete political statements in this blog, since blogs are very lacking as discussion platforms. What I do want to say though is, please vote this sunday! Every missing vote is a bullet in the guns of the radical parties, no matter whether they’re positioned left or right. Please take your chance, voice your opinion and vote!

P.S. Klarmachen zum Ändern? 🙂

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Vala gains support for server-side async dbus

Something wonderful has happened! Jürg Billeter — mastermind of Vala — pushed support for server-side async dbus into Vala. I hope I didn’t annoy him too much (having continuesly pestered for almost a year now), but the net effect is that we can now continue working on fsogsmd, the Vala implementation of our dbus GSM server (see for an overview of the API). Yay!

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