Juni 2010

Sid Player Pro goes iOS4

Despite being incredibly busy due to some nightmare project I have been working on for the last couple of months, I have managed to sneak in some time to update Sid Player Pro to catch up with iOS4’s idea of multitasking.

Sid Player Pro now can stream audio in the background, just as the iPod application can. Moreover, it also reacts to headphone remote control events and hooks itself with the lock and multimedia dock screen controls.

The update has been submitted to Apple for review and we expect it to be posted very soon. Once Sid Player Pro appears in the AppStore, Module Player and Pokey Player will also be updated.

Here’s a video that demonstrates the new features in Sid Player Pro for iOS4.

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I’m feeling not too well these days. Some extremely bad performing contract projects combined with a general feeling of restlessness, uneasiness, and aimlessness are haunting me. I have the strong desire to simplify my life, getting rid of a couple of construction sites, and focusing more deeply, but on fewer things. I’m afraid this also means my involvement in various open source projects is at stake. I need to find some answers, soon.

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