Juli 2010

Volksradio: Just Radio!

Every now and then you come to the comfortable situation that a client requests you to develop a technology for a product of theirs, which you can then use in your own productions as well. This happened to us in the last couple of months, when we had to create an audio streaming engine for iOS for an internet radio app.

Now the internet radio app market on iOS is completely saturated. We browsed through the AppStore and found hundreds of radio station apps, half of them for free, half of them between 1 and 3 EUR. We downloaded quite a bunch and analyzed what we liked and what we didn’t like. With regards to the latter, we have seen splash screens, click-through ads, complicated UIs, and — most annoying of all — broken stations. Only a few apps actually do well in what they advertise… streaming radio!

This is what lead us to the development of Volksradio: Just Radio! A no fuzz no buzz streaming radio app. This is what it looks like:

Volksradio Now Playing Volksradio Channel List

A clean uncluttered UI that focuses on what the app does best… streaming radio. While we have refrained from feature overload, we put a couple of goodies into it, such as:

  • HiFi streaming engine, even via EDGE
  • Headphone remote control support
  • iOS4 background streaming and multimedia dock support
  • Automatically picks up playing the station you last heard
  • Order channels alphabetically or by rating — either just your own or total rating of all users.

We even did a small video to show the features, which you can see by clicking here. Note that right now we focused on german radio stations, so if you don’t like german radio, don’t buy! 🙂 If you are missing your favourite channel, please mail us to support app-developers.de. Thanks for listening!

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