Dezember 2012

Towards the end of 2012

Hi folks!

Obviously I don’t manage to update this blog more than a few times a year. I must confess that – for smaller status messages – I find Facebook and Twitter working quite well. So if you want to stay in touch a bit more, hop over to my page @ Michael Lauer or follow my Tweets @ DrMickeyLauer.

The biggest tasks this year was getting Lara Marie to sleep well and buying a house, both which we finished successfully. Right now we have a hole in the ground, but it’s supposed to be finished by October 2013. I’m going to report about the progress now and then.

FOSS-wise I didn’t manage to do anything meaningful more than visiting FOSDEM and the OHSW this year. I tried to catch up with what’s happening in FSO, Vala, and OpenEmbedded though. Since I do no longer use OE on a frequent basis, I decided to not run for re-election as OE board member, thus also resigning from being OE e.V. president. I’m quite happy to hand the paperwork over to someone else 😉

With Lara Marie growing older (she’s now 18 months), I enjoy being a father more and more. While mommy was #1 in the first year, it becomes apparent that I’m #1 in the 2nd year, helping the little one to form her individuality and her will.

Company-wise 2012 was a bit of a ride as due to the economy some of our biggest clients postponed their app updates and we struggled a bit getting enough contracts to keep the four of us busy. Then again, we worked on our own apps in the free time and I’m happy to announce the next major version of Volksradio / Just Radio, which is going to ship soon.

I wish all of you a merry 2013!

Yours, Mickey!

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