Februar 2014

Welcome, 2014

So 2013 is finally over and it’s been an energy-sapping year, business-, baby-, and building wise.

Business. The stagnation that was present for pretty much the first half of the year and which forced us to downsize a bit, had been replaced by too many projects all at once in the 2nd half of the year. And while it was welcome since it saved us from closing doors, it prevented working on our private projects, i.e. our apps in the store, but also personal pet projects – let alone anything open source.

Baby. After 7 horrible months between Lara Marie’s 5th and 13th month, she finally began sleeping great, often 12 hours without waking up. She’s now 2.5 years and everything is good. Still, she’s a demanding little one, enjoying being offered a selection of everything instead of deciding on her behalf. I love her.

Building. With a bit of (natural) delay, our new house was finished by November and we did move on 9th of December. We’re now 2 months in here and it’s feeling mostly great. We had to monitor and decide on a LOT of things during the construction phase, but apart from the usual minor issues, the building quality is good and we enjoy the comfort of having a dedicated room for Lara Marie. Being able to use the living room again after 20:00 is nice 🙂

I took the liberty to install a dedicated server for the house which is living in a 19″ rack in the utility room. I’m going to post about the networking infrastructure soon.

Referring to my last post, I’m still planning on doing the sabbatical, but due to some unforeseeable circumstances with my wife’s health, it had to be postponed for a bit. It’s going to happen in 2014 though, which is why I’m sure, 2014 is going to be better than 2013.

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