Coming back from FOSDEM 2018


I usually write a FOSDEM retrospective every year, although, as you might have (not) seen, last year was different. While I’m sure 2017’s FOSDEM was a nice weekend I almost can’t remember anymore. I had a severe cold (already when coming there, usually I only have a cold when coming home…) and I’m afraid I was only 50% physically present – hence there was no blog post.

Anyways, moving on to FOSDEM 2018. This year was one of the better ones. Typically I only select a handful of presentations from the schedule, since neither the presentations nor the stands are my main focus. For me, it’s about the people I have the chance to meet. Not only those who I already know, but also those who I don’t know (yet). This year it occurred to me (again) what a nice crowd the free software people is. I mean it. Gentle, caring, intelligent, with manners, sometimes revolting, sometimes crazy, but generally „best of the breed“. An ornament for humanity.

I had great discussions, met many old friends, and I’m coming back not with a cold, but some fresh ideas instead. TLDR: I really enjoyed this weekend. Hats off to the organizers and volunteers who make this extraordinary event possible every year!

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