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After the outage of the VM where has been hosted on, we are now almost fully back. I have integrated the DBus API documentation (that has been hosted on the doc subdomain) into the top level documentation which now lives at The source code has already been moved to and the new mailing list has been alive for a few months at goldelico.

Now that the documentation is live again, I have plans for short, mid, and long term:

1. Short-term I’m working on completing the merge to libgee-0.8 and then cut the next point release.

2. Mid-term I want to discuss integrating the unmerged branches to the individual subprojects and continue cleaning up.

3. Long-term I’m looking for a new reference hardware platform, funding, contributors, and decide whether to move the existing reference platform to kdbus (or another IPC.)

If you have any plans or questions with regards to the initiative and its subprojects, please contact me via the FSO mailing list (preferred) or personally.


  1. Pavel
    29. März 2015 - Antworten

    Pages do not seem to work too well. Goto

    click SetDevice, and you’ll get 404.

  2. mickey
    10. April 2015 - Antworten

    Thanks for your comment! I have pushed an update that fixes (some of) the crossreferences.

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