FSO meets EZX

Zhone on MOTO A780 Zhone on MOTO A780 Zhone on MOTO A780

Coming soon…


  1. 3. Juli 2008 - Antworten

    This is great! 🙂

  2. Khizer Kapadia
    14. Juli 2008 - Antworten

    Any progress?….
    And any possibility of this being ported for E6 and A1200?

    What I understand is that this will run with OpenEZX?…if yes, then it seems a bit far away for my E6 🙁

  3. mickey
    14. Juli 2008 - Antworten

    Yes, it’s progressing nicely — but slow, since my sparetime is very limited. This will only support OpenEZX, i.e. the free replacement for Motorola EZX, not the Qt/Embedded-based EZX platform itself.

    As thus, it will first support the 1st gen machines, i.e. A780, E680, etc. Once the kernel issues are sorted out, it will support the 2nd gen machines, A1200, ROKR, etc.

    I’m also looking forward to support the brand-new A1600, if it really runs EZX.

  4. 29. Juli 2008 - Antworten

    Mickey, as the proud owner of both a FreeRunner and an A780, I’m thrilled with all the work you do. I’m curious if you were able to actually make calls in the screenshots above, or were simply running the FSO on an A780. If you made calls, I’d love a small writeup of it! Thanks for all you do!

  5. mickey
    1. August 2008 - Antworten

    It can make calls, but there is no audio, which is due to the unfinished BP-audio driver. Once the remaining kernel bits are done, you can use it as a (limited, but expanding) replacement OS. I’m going to write instructions and a snapshot image once we can make calls with audio — hopefully within the next couple of weeks (waiting for the kernel developers… 😉

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