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Once and then I try to sneak work on my pet projects into my daily routine. Today I want to tell you about two projects that I have released this month: SongBook Pro for iOS, and Introduction to Vala Programming.

SongBook Pro for iOS

SongBook Pro is a complete rewrite of my iOS songbook app for guitar and ukulele players. It’s a lean-and-mean songbook app that concentrates on delivering great typography and the best workflow for people playing music.

The predecessor of this app („ChordPro Songbook“) has been in the AppStore since 2011, but had to be removed in 2014 when we shut down the company („Late App-Developers“) I had with one of my friends. It was unavailable since then and I dreamed for a long time to publish this again.

If you’re interested and want to check whether this is for you, just download the trial version for free, or check out an introduction video.

Introduction to Vala

Introduction to Vala is a book about the programming language Vala. I discovered Vala in 2007, fell in love with it, used it in some projects (e.g. the special-interest middleware (FSO)), and started contributing to it.

Some months later I wanted to help Vala gaining publicity by writing a book. Due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, this took a bit longer than expected… almost 10 years now, but finally it’s done!

For this book (which is actually my 3rd one), I used the publishing site If you’re interested, hop over to the book’s site @ leanpub and take a look. Printed copies are available through Amazon.

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