Thanks to my framework team buddy Daniel ‚Alphaone‘ Willmann, I just fell in love with the german band Pornophonique. Everyone appreciating the 8-bit chipsounds we had in the old days of computing will absolutely enjoy their work. My favourite song is ‚Sad Robot‚ from the album 8-bit-Lagerfeuer — it sounds a bit Everlast-inspired, but hey, that’s a very common 4-chord-loop.

Did I mention that their music is creative commons licensed? Hats off, guys — you rock!


  1. 27. Oktober 2008 - Antworten

    Hey Micky,
    we meat at the SYSTEMS (Friday).
    Today a visited and read your comment – small world 😉

    and yes they do rock 😀

    Greetings from Sebastian Bartsch

  2. Fred Eddi
    12. Dezember 2008 - Antworten

    Hey superb music… Thanks to share!

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