Tempus Fugit

2007 was a very busy year for me. There has been great progress in the projects I care about, e.g. OpenEmbedded, OpenMoko, OpenEZX, Enlightenment, Maemo, Ångström, and some more. In 2007 I travelled more than in all the previous years in sum — lets see whether I recall where I have been:

  • Berlin (CCC, to meet colleagues),
  • Bermingham (once for GUADEC),
  • Bonn (for FROSCON),
  • Brunswick (twice, to meet colleagues),
  • Brussels (for FOSDEM),
  • Denmark (for Mobile Developer Days),
  • Siegen (to meet colleagues),
  • Taipei (to work at OpenMoko Inc.),
  • Zürich (for OpenExpo),
  • and some more which I forgot about 😀

A couple of weeks have been spent by my wife and me moving into a new apartment, my office room drowned and dried, I received dozens of parcels, and I saw (too) many new PCBs.

I saw a 3-man project growing into a company (with some unfortunate collateral losses on the way) and did a tiny little share to bring the Asimo robot forward. I met many interesting people on various conferences and in Taipei, and made some good new friends. Oh, and last but not least I (finally) got my doctoral degree.

It was a good year, albeit a bit too hectic for my taste. For next year, I’m trying to focus on less things, but more intense. Bringing forward my dreams of ubiquitous computing, high level application frameworks, and fluid user interfaces…

I wish all of you who read this a blessed 2008 — may health and success be with you. See you next year!


  1. Asher Pat
    2. Januar 2008 - Antworten

    Dear Michael,

    why is there no update about the project’s status and when the final consumer product will be available?

  2. mickey
    2. Januar 2008 - Antworten

    Dear Asher, there are weekly status reports posted on the mailing list — admittedly very brief ones. Unfortunately OpenMoko Inc. can’t commit to a date at this point of time. I, too, miss the detailed reports from Sean on the announce list. I can only hope OpenMoko Inc. will get back to previous — more open — information policy. I understand if the community feels a bit left-out. I’m trying to answer as much questions as possible, but that’s about all I can do from here.

  3. Asher Pat
    2. Januar 2008 - Antworten

    tks, good luck

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