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An integral part of my life.

I play (mostly acoustic) Guitar, Ukulele, Harmonium, Piano, and Synthesizers. I also sing along. Over the years I have participated in a couple of bands and choirs, but these days, I'm on my own again.

Current Instruments

I've been buying and selling a lot of gear in the last 30 years. Eventually I settled on a setup that lets me record mostly in-the-box, i.e. a DAW, a lot of virtual instruments and plugins, and some controllers.

These days, I prefer Apple (formerly Emagic) Logic as the DAW, U-He synths and effect plugins, and Native Instruments controllers. I also purchased a lot of sample libraries for my orchestral endeavours from Spitfire Audio, Orchestral Tools, and 8dio.

My Releases

After being pretty much inactive for more than two decades, I finally got around to working on releases again. Here are my current ones:

Other bands

Over the years I have been listening to a lot of good (and a lot of bad) music. Here are some of the bands that have impressed me in one way or another:

Radio Stations

I have stopped listening to classical (AM/FM) radio stations since long. My radio station of choice is the amazing Soma.FM – Commercial-free, Listener-supported Radio. With over 20 niche streams, there's something for everyone!